Location, Location, Location (C4)
Special edition from Prestwick, where the manager of the state-owned airport recently bought a house. He had the bed paid for by the taxpayer – at a cost of only £1,400.

Question Time (BBC1)
Weekly 'debate' in which strange people in the audience say things like, 'I went to the supermarket and the banana was straight...Just sick of the silly rules so I voted leave'.

Benidorm (ITV4)
Heart-breaking documentary about the British expats likely to be thrown out after Brexit.

A Place to Call Home (BBC2)

Not if Amber Rudd can help it.

The Persuaders (True Entertainment)
The Sunday Herald’s political columnist explains that there is no need to make a detailed case for an independent Scotland. A couple of paragraphs will do – written by the Sunday Herald’s political columnist, naturally.

Reporting Scotland (BBC1)
Latest knivings and stabbings from around the country. Who’s going to be the new Rangers manager?

Snooker: Welsh Open (Eurosport 2)

Would I Lie To You? (Dave channel)
In the spotlight this week: America’s former national security adviser and the leader of UKIP.

News at Six (BBC1)
BBC discovers that prisons are awful; someone says something vaguely interesting on the Victoria Derbyshire Show. In the rest of the news, chap with foreign-sounding name is bumped off with a damp cloth. And now the weather.

Weather (BBC1)

It's hopeless too.

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